Holidays!!! Celebration of life. After all your hard work, patience to manage situations, itís time to spend time by sea side, walk through mountains or simply enjoy family life. Plan your holidays well ahead, donít miss a single moment. Here you will find holidays that are observed in different countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and India. Simply choose a country, then a year and click on ďGoĒ. You will get a list of holidays for country and year you have selected. Enjoy your holiday!!!
  To plan your holiday and vacation well, we offer you Calendars. These Calendars comes in simple black and white, different color and font style, holiday list and Picture Calendars. 2015 Calendars are available now to pick up free!! If you are not happy with the calendars listed, you can create your own style Calendar.
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Holiday list for USA of year 2015
New Year's Day1-Jan-15
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.19-Jan-15
Washington's Birthday16-Feb-15
Memorial Day25-May-15
Independence Day4-Jul-15
Labor Day7-Sep-15
Columbus Day12-Oct-15
Veterans Day11-Nov-15
Thanksgiving Day26-Nov-15
Christmas Day25-Dec-15
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