Year Planner

Year Planner can be used whenever appointments and events need to be organized, managed or presented. And now, it is very easy because, this site offers you to download printable 2016 year planner absolutely free. You can also download free printable 2017 year planner. They are available with US and Indian holiday list. These one-page year planners come with simple bi-color or multiple colors. They are available in two forms- vertical year planner and horizontal year planner. You can also write important phone numbers on given place at bottom of the page. The design of horizontal year planner has days going down the page and months going horizontally across, in a landscape orientation. In vertical year planner months are going down the page and days are going horizontally across. Year planner in different languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Catalan, Swedish and Icelandic are also available here.