Cross Road Puzzle  

Click on an animal to start. Remember you can only move animal that has an empty step in front of it. If you move these animals correctly to cross the road, a button will appear on the screen to take you to the next level. You will hear sound and the frog will jump on your success. In case you made a wrong move or like to start over it again, use Play button to start again. Click on Info to read more about this game.

New Addition:
Two options - Warm-up and Challenge. Use Warm-up to learn and practice this puzzle. Feel comfortable? confident? challenge best scores. Now you can save your score too. Comes with more improved graphics to minimize download time.

This online version of Cross Road Puzzle will work if your browser supports java 1.4 or latter or Java plug in 1.4 or higher is installed. Due to applet security restrictions some features may not work. If you like this game consider downloading Cross Road Puzzle and play it with its full capability.
You can download latest java from

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