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Image Viewer or picture viewer is a java tool that allow easy navigation and vieweing image / picture files.

You require java 1.4 or latter to run this program. On Microsoft Windows, double click on jar file to run. On any operating system, that supports Java, use java -jar <jar file name> from command line or shell to run this program.

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  • Image Viewer:
    Explorer style navigation: A built in explorer allow you to view only image / picture files. Click on a image file to view. Currently jpg, jpeg, gif and png files are supported.
    Auto adjustment and Manul adjustment: When a picture file is selected, it displayed with auto adjustment of it's width and height. This ensures you don't have to scroll up/down or left/right to view complete picture. At the sametime it uses all available space to display picture as bigger as possible without distortion. If you don't like this feature, click on Auto Adjust to turn off this feature.
    Effects: Change brightness, make it sharp or blur. You can also apply more than one effect by selecting "On display image".
Image Viewer
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